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Benefits of Physiotherapy in Older People

We all are familiar with the process of aging, along with the passage of time our functional capacity declines. There are a range of physiological changes that happen within the body like decreased muscle strength, reduced mobility, stiff joints, poor balance, decreased bone density, reduced cardio-vascular capacity and increased body fat. These changes in the body cause reduced movement, increased risk of falls, fractures and decreased function, slowly affecting the independence of the individual. This way slowly the person gets home bound and even bed ridden in some cases.

Along with the various changes discussed above elderly people may also be suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, arthritis, heart and lung diseases and many more conditions. These add up to the age related changes happening in the body and cause more functional decline. Therefore elderly people are more scared to get out of the house and become anxious which has a huge effect on their daily life and sense of independence as well as overall confidence.

While we cannot stop aging there are many ways in Physiotherapy which can have a huge impact and

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Why Stretching is important before exercise?

Stretching is a form of exercise technique in which a specific muscle /muscle group is stretched inorder to improve the muscle’s elasticity resulting in increased flexibility, range of motion and muscle control.

Your usual routine of exercise should be warm up which includes stretching and then exercise, ending  with stretching again. However a lot of people may still wonder is stretching that important? Well the answer is YES!

Just as strength and endurance exercises are essential to improve muscle performance, overall health and well-being,  stretching exercises are equally  important.  They prepare the body for the amount  of stress it is going to undergo due to exercise. Stretching makes the body more pliable which decreases the risk of injuries due to exercise.

10 Reasons why Stretching is so Important:

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What is Physiotherapy?

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession which provides treatment of injuries, diseases and various conditions through exercises, manipulations, electrical modalities, patient education and many other treatment techniques over medication and surgery.

It helps assist people to restore, maintain and maximize their movement, strength, functioning and overall well-being.

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