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Benefits of Physiotherapy in Older People

We all are familiar with the process of aging, along with the passage of time our functional capacity declines. There are a range of physiological changes that happen within the body like decreased muscle strength, reduced mobility, stiff joints, poor balance, decreased bone density, reduced cardio-vascular capacity and increased body fat. These changes in the body cause reduced movement, increased risk of falls, fractures and decreased function, slowly affecting the independence of the individual. This way slowly the person gets home bound and even bed ridden in some cases.

Along with the various changes discussed above elderly people may also be suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, arthritis, heart and lung diseases and many more conditions. These add up to the age related changes happening in the body and cause more functional decline. Therefore elderly people are more scared to get out of the house and become anxious which has a huge effect on their daily life and sense of independence as well as overall confidence.

While we cannot stop aging there are many ways in Physiotherapy which can have a huge impact and help the elderly lead a happy and independent life. There is an entire branch in physiotherapy called Geriatric Physiotherapy and Physiotherapists are highly trained professionals to identify the physical problems suffered by the older people. After identifying the issues and various other factors the Physiotherapist designs a treatment plan that helps the elderly in being active, happy and independent.

Benefits of Physiotherapy for older people:

  • Increased strength
  • Increased mobility
  • Improved balance and co-ordination
  • Improved flexibility
  • ¬†Decreased pain
  • Reduced/ no falls
  • Improved confidence levels
  • Regaining independence
  • Increased heart and lung capacity
  • Increased Quality of Life

How Physiotherapy helps elderly?

There are various strengthening exercises, stretching techniques, balance and co-ordination exercises, walking and mobility techniques which help in achieving all of the above mentioned benefits and the capacity of the elderly which enhances their quality of living.

Physiotherapists advice how to safely exercise which is very important in old age and teach how to slowly engage in regular physical activity. These activities also help in reducing various conditions like diabetes, blood pressure, obesity. Proper physical exercise training improves strength, mobility, balance, flexibility, endurance and even memory.

Anyone above the age of 60 years should get in touch with a Physiotherapist to get him/herself assessed and start Physiotherapy at the earliest in order to avoid/reduce the effects of aging and be fit and independent. This will help in maintaining good confidence and facilitate the elderly to lead a happy and healthy living even in the later years of life. Happy Aging!!

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