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With intensifying concerns surrounding the COVID 19 Pandemic, APEX Physiotherapy proudly offers ONLINE Physiotherapy to patients to take/continue their treatment while practicing social distancing, remaining in their home, and minimizing their exposure to the virus thus ensuring patient safety. Also with sudden increase in people working from home, this service allows you to continue your treatment whilst maintaining your current routine.

How ONLINE Physiotherapy Works?

1.First you will be asked questions about the condition you are suffering.

2. During the second part of the consultation you will be guided through a physical examination just like it would de done in a clinic by asking you to perform certain movements.

3.The Physiotherapist will then discuss the treatment plan with you.

4.The Physiotherapist will demonstrate the exercises to you.

5.You will be requested to perform the exercises or other techniques demonstrated/prescribed by the Physio.

6.You will be educated about your condition, about the precautions you need to take and certain do’s and don’t’s.

7.The session will be of 30-45 minutes.

The Process:


Book an appointment via phone/ WhatsApp /website for your video consultation.


.Our team will get in touch with you and confirm the appointment.


During the video consultation we will diagnose your condition and explain you the treatment.


You will be guided about your follow up session.


In the meanwhile you can stay in touch for any questions/queries via phone/WhatsApp.

Benefits of Online Physiotherapy Sessions:

No matter whether your condition was caused by a sport, work
accident or otherwise, we welcome the chance to serve you.